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How to cope with workload

Perhaps the biggest issue that teachers face is the need to cope with such a high workload. While several media outlets may try to shame teachers and brand them as lazy, their claims couldn't be any further from the truth. In my experience of schools in the UK, there never seems to be enough time in the day for everything that is expected of us.

In an ideal world, this question wouldn't need to be asked. However, many teachers find themselves working long into their evenings and missing out on having family and social time. So here are some tips to help teachers get a better work-life balance.

  1. Don't worry if a task intended for today has to roll over to the next day.

  2. Agree with yourself on a set time that your working day finishes.

  3. Make sure that you have time for hobbies that help with stress.

  4. Remember a tired teacher is not the best teacher, it is better for your students that you are well rested even if some marking is left unfinished.

  5. Avoid responding to emails after your allocated work time, it's probably best to not even look at it. Try not having your emails synchronised with your phone.

The issue of teacher workload is one that needs to be looked at. It may seem like we are doing the right thing by giving the profession our all, but it is not sustainable. Look after yourself and teach with passion.

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