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Informed Teaching is a space where teachers can access evidence based teaching tips and methods. Informed Teaching was created by Andrew S, an experienced Secondary school teacher of Science and Physical Education. Andrew is passionate about teaching & learning- and strongly believes that all teaching methods and pedagogy should be guided by the research evidence. With Informed Teaching, Andrew brings together research and practical teaching tips in short, easy to read blog posts. 

Informed teaching also provides a forum specifically for NQT's and trainee teachers to discuss issues, concerns or teaching methods. We are always keen to help new teachers to enhance their practice. 

We hope you enjoy our articles, feel free to contact me via the chat feature on the website and don't forget to sign up for updates.


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Wider reading slide

Slide to display to students when using silent reading as a 'do now' activity.

Student marker tips

How to train your students to be better at peer assesment.

Lesson Plan template

Simple framework to break down the planning of a lesson.

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